Dekker, Klaas (Clarence): From Warffrum, Netherlands, via Indonesia, to Canada; as narrated by Clarence and recorded by his daughter Barbara.

Dolansky, Elma: “My Brother Lionel”; Remembrances of Abraham Lionel Kirsch, a pilot officer in the R.A.F. 90th Squadron

Leblanc, Leopold (Paul) Charles: His Story as told by his widow, Maria Leblanc

Natan, Rene: “A Taste of War“,

Oosterom, Nelle: Recollections of Canada’s role in helping the Netherlands during the Second World War. [Source: CANADASHISTORY.CA / April – May 2015, pages 44-51]

Pelkman, Johanna (Anne): “My memories of the last few months of WWII”