There will be a new cement wall, 46′ long, installed in front of the cenotaph monument, between the curved sidewalk and the street, alongside the sidewalk.  The top will not be flat, but will be angled so that it slopes downward toward the road. On the surface on the sloped wall top will be placed laser engraved, stainless steel plaques, one for each battalion represented by the veterans on the cenotaph, starting with World War II veterans (17 names).

On each plaque will be engraved the following: the name(s) of the veteran(s) on the cenotaph who, when they died, were in the same, specific battalion; the emblem, badge of the battalion of that (those) veteran(s); the name of the battalion.

A sample of what a plaque may look like (poor artist’s rendering) for one battalion. NOTE: The actual plaque will NOT have the emblem in colour, it will be laser etched into the steel.

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95 Logo S-C heading

 0d.Sales.Essex plaque