There are a few ways in which sponsors of this project will be recognized.  All sponsors contributing to the Strathroy – Caradoc Lions’ portion of the project, that is to the pole mounted metal ‘banners’ and for the installation of the stainless steel plaques on the new wall, will be recognized on this website – in two locations.  Their company business card will appear on our sponsors page. The images on the “Images of WWII Battalions” page will be updated with actual photographs of the pole banners with the sponsors name visible.

They, along with other sponsors to other portions of the project, will also be recognized on a “sponsor wall”, shown below, located in the foyer to the library / museum.

There is a recognition section for a previous project, the Arthur Currie Monument, already in place.  An additional recognition will be installed on that same wall.  A representation of that recognition wall is shown here.

And, of course, the major recognition is the placement of the sponsor’s name and graphic – in full colour – on the pole banner which will be seen 24 / 7 / 365 / for years!

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95 Logo S-C heading

97 Recognition Wall