As a Lions Club Member

 Thank you for your interest in becoming a Lion.

Lions meet the needs of local communities and the world. Our 1.36 million members – who perform community service in over 200 countries and geographic areas – are different in many ways, but share a core belief: community is what we make it. Our members are a network of individual clubs united in helping others and improving their communities.

Membership is by invitation from a club. There is an application form available on this site, below.

You’ll join a local group of service-minded men and women who volunteer to support your community every day. You’ll also become a member of Lions Clubs International – a respected international organization, a leader in your local community, and a friend to people in need.

Lions clubs are composed of diverse people in communities in nearly every corner of the world. That’s why we offer you several ways to become a Lion – and serve. Lions clubs offer volunteer programs for college students, kids, adults and families.

Regular Membership: Are you interested in volunteer programs, community service and making our world a better place? Lions Clubs International (LCI) offers community members the opportunity to volunteer locally together as a group. Members are expected to meet membership requirements such as dues set by the club and LCI. Take the first step toward membership today – contact the Strathroy – Caradoc Lions club and ask to be invited to a meeting. 

Family Membership: Looking for special volunteer programs and activities you can do with your family? Family membership allows relatives to volunteer together at a reduced dues rate. Family members must meet membership requirements, live in the same household and belong to the same club. Children cannot become members, but can participate in the Cub Program, which allows children under age 12 the opportunity to build a lifelong dedication to helping others. If more than one member of your family is joining a club, tell them you want to join as a family unit.

Student Membership: Our student volunteer programs allow you to make new friends – and help others in your community at the same time. With a student membership, your dues are reduced. If you are enrolled in an educational institution and between the age of legal majority and 30, tell the club you are joining that you would like to take advantage of the Student Member Program dues discount.

Leo to Lion Membership. If you are a current or former Leo club member between the age of legal majority and through age 30, take the opportunity to receive a dues discount and continue doing volunteer work with Lions Clubs International … as a Lion!

Honorary: An individual, not a member of this Lions club, having performed outstanding service for the community or this Lions club, upon whom this club desires to confer special distinction. This club shall pay entrance fees and international and district dues on such a member, who may attend meetings, but shall not be entitled to any privileges of active membership.

Membership in Lions is by invitation. Thank you for your interest in potentially becoming a member of the Strathroy – Caradoc Lions Club. Open the link to the membership application form, below and print it. Complete the information requested. Finally, submit it to any present member or to a Membership Committee Lion:

Lion Mariette Desjardine: 519-205-0437 /

Lion Gary Lawton: 519-246-6280 /

Click on this link and an application form will open:

application form.pdg

Money Stuff:  As a member you are responsible for certain expenses including meals (about $15 – we presently meet-and-eat at the Legion Hall) for dinner meetings, and annual “dues“. Presently, membership dues are: $75 for single, $130 for two in family, $185 for three in family, $240 for four in family. The Lions ‘year’ is billed from July 1 to June 30. Dues are pro-rated depending on the date when membership begins. There is a one time “entrance fee” of $25 for new members to cover the costs of enrolment with Lions Clubs International in Oak Brook Illinois.

Lions Clubs International provides specific direction to every Lions Club regarding how money is handled.  Our club has three separate banks accounts: Activities Account, Administration Account, Charity Account.

Activities Account: This is where ALL monies that are received from the public are placed.  All of our proceeds (after expenses are paid) from fund raising, donations, any money from the public (someone who is not a Lions member) goes into this account. It is used ONLY for Lions community projects and activities, everything goes back into the community, local and afar. This is where the money to pay for the hospital ophthalmological chair, lockable bike racks, wheelchair accessible picnic tables, metal benches, Salvation Army, V.O.N., Women’s Rural Resource Centre, etc. is paid from.

Administration Account: This where ONLY monies from Lions members goes.  This includes membership dues.  All of our expenses for Lions equipment (flags, banners, shirts, pins, etc) come from here.  NO money that is in the Activities Account goes into the Administration account.

Charity Account: This is where proceeds from fund raising that requires a lottery license goes.  Examples are: 50 / 50 daw at Turkeyfest, “Back-To-School” Giant Tiger Gift Cards draw.  All monies in this account must be donated to “provincial approved list” destinations, and an annual report is submitted to the O.L.G. Commission.

All of our accounts are maintained in a local financial institution, and they are AUDITED annually.

Here is our “potential member information pamphlet“!