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Cyril Lowe appears on the memorial window of St John the Evangelist church. Cyril attested in the 142nd Btn in London Ontario on the 15 Apr 1915. He was “killed in action in attack west of Thelus” during the battle of Vimy Ridge on the 9th of April 1917. He also is buried in Nine Elms Military Cemetery in Thelus.

[Source: Strathroy Museum]

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Cyril Lowe, when he was killed at Vimy Ridge, was serving in the 14th Battalion, of the 3rd Brigade, in the 1st Canadian Division.  Description of the events on that Easter Sunday, April 9, 1917, when Private Cyril Lowe was killed in the attack on Vimy Ridge can be found on this website.

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9 Elms Military Cemetery, Thelus, France

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