Winner “Catch the Ace” 2018

Jules Nagy winner of $5,850.00 on the 26th week of the draw

A Progressive Raffle Draw

New to Strathroy – Caradoc

In this raffle 52 cards from a deck of cards are shuffled several times, then sealed into envelopes that are thoroughly mixed again. A numberfrom 1 – 52 is recorded on each envelope and the envelopes are kept in a locked box, secured in the safe at theStrathroy Seniors’ Centre between weekly ticket draws held on Thursdays at 10:00 AM.

A video recording of the “putting the cards into envelopes” security process, conducted Thursday, June 14th, can be viewed here.


An entry ticket has the buyer’s name, contact phone number, and the number from 1 – 52 they think contains the Ace of Spades.

150 tickets are sold for $5 each twice a week:

Giant Tiger: Wednesdays, from noon – 4 PM

Giant Tiger: Saturdays, 10 AM – 2 PM

See the weekly draw board of numbers still available here!

Numbers with an X are not available


There is one ticket drawn each week. The ticket holder instantly wins 20% of the weekly sales total. If the number of the envelope they put on the ticket contains the Ace of Spades, they also win 30% of the weekly sales total.
If the envelope they guessed does not contain the Ace of Spades, the card inside is cut in half, and the envelope is removed from theboard. The 30% of weekly sales thenrolls into a jackpot. For each week that the Ace of Spades is not chosen, that week’s 30% of sales is added to the jackpot.
If an entry ticket has an envelope number that has already been drawn, then the lowest number still available on the board is chosen by default.
If 150 tickets are sold each week, the 20% instant prize is $150, the 30% “You caught the Ace” prize is $225 per week. After 26 weeks, then the jackpot could grow to $9,750 if all 150 tickets are sold each week, and the Ace of Spades is not guessed before then.

See the theoretical prize money distribution here.

If the Ace of Spades is not “caught” in the first 26 weekly draws then, on week 26, a “Must Go” draw occurs. That means, on week 26, the first ticket drawn gets 20% of the weekly sales. If it’s not the Ace of Spades, then another ticket is drawn. That ticket holder does not get 20% because it’s already given away. Tickets are drawn until the ticket holder guesses the number of the envelope that contains the Ace of Spades and they receive the 30% from week 26, PLUS the accumulated jackpot.
Over the course of 26 weeks, if 150 tickets are sold each week, the total instant prize (20%) total would be $3,900. The progressive jackpot total (30%) would be $5,850 on week 26. The total amount of prize money awarded could be $9,750.

See the full rules and procedures: click here.

See weekly winners here, with # picked, and card it contained.