Eye Glasses Collection

Each month we collect used eye glasses donated to us at optometrists in Strathroy. We take the eye glasses to Lens Crafters where they are assessed for prescription type, cleaned and packaged for distribution among needy patients in various parts of the world.

Hearing Aids Collection

Each month we collect used hearing aids donated to us at audiologists in Strathroy. They are cleaned and packaged for distribution among needy patients in various parts of the world.

Tree of Light

Helen Keller presented Lions with a challenge in 1925 to become “Knights of the blind”. As a result Lions clubs around the world have taken on a variety of sight related projects.

The Strathroy – Caradoc Lions Club took on the challenge three years ago and financed the purchase of an Ophthalmological Chair for the Strathroy Middlesex General Hospital. That took two years to raise the funds.

Last year we raised funds to place bicycle racks in downtown Strathroy’s core business area, and two multi racks at the York Street soccer fields and the playground park on Park Street near the pool and mini train.

There is a large evergreen tree beside the Strathroy town hall which we decorate with strings of lights during December.

We “sell” each light for a minimum donation of $5.00. Lights are purchased in the name of someone who has brought light to the life of the donor. That person could be a deceased veteran, a deceased family member or close friend, a community member who has done something significant for the donor or others, a loved family member, or anyone who is important to you.

A “memory card” is completed with the donor’s and recipient’s names and then placed on a “memory display” located in the foyer of the library / museum. The donor receives a “gift card” that they can complete and do with as they choose. They can enclose it in a seasonal card and send it to the recipient or their family, or they can hang it from their Christmas tree as a family gift ornament.

Look for us at various locations through November each year.