Some starter ideas for your story (stories) are the answers to the “W” questions: Who, When, Where, What, Why (and maybe How?)

Name(s), Dates, Places, Events, Anecdotes, Lessons Taught, Lessons Learned (what you’d do the same or differently based on the experience(s).

Have you got pictures, memorabilia connected to your story?

Don’t worry about spelling, grammar and all that stuff.  If you want, we can work together to “fix it” – otherwise these are your stories, in your words.  Of course the webmaster retains the right of editorial content on our website as all content must comply with appropriate community standards and the standards set by Lions International. Click the blue link to see what these are.

Give your story a title, and the title will be listed here.  Clicking on your story title will bring web visitors to a separate web page where your story will be told.  You will have your own web page!

Please email the Strathroy – Caradoc Lions with your contacts so we can gather your stories.