We are looking for sponsors for One Commemorative Banner with their matching Bronze Plaques all others have been sold!

In the photos slider below you will see that the 1st image is a sample banner.   The 2nd image is the pricing description.

[There is a 15 second delay for each image. Click the white arrows to move right or left faster. Hold the mouse over an image to hold its position. If you click & hold your mouse on an image, you can then drag that image to your desktop to enlarge, save, print, etc. the image.]

The next  image is the actual photo of the matching plaques of the one banner for which we are seeking sponsors. The Strathroy – Caradoc Lions have pre-paid for the plaques so that all 46 plaques could be all installed on the Cenotaph at the same time. As a sponsor, your $875 pays for a new banner to be manufactured, and to compensate the Club for its pre-payment of the plaque.

The plaque image, matching a battalion, that you want to sponsor, then imagine the battalion image on that plaque being printed in the centre circle of the sample banner in the place of the one there. Also, at the bottom of the banner, your sponsorship name would be printed instead of the sample business.

To become a sponsor, and get more details, please contact Mariette or Butch Desjardine at:



  • Costs
  • 58th Canadian Infantry Battalion
    58th Canadian Infantry Battalion

A Progressive Raffle Draw

New to Strathroy – Caradoc

The 52 cards of a deck of cards are shuffled several times, then sealed into envelopes that are thoroughly mixed again. A number from 1 – 52 is recorded on each envelope and the envelopes are kept in a locked box, secured in the safe at the Strathroy Seniors’ Centre between weekly ticket draws held on Thursdays at 10:00 AM.

A video recording of the “putting the cards into envelopes” security process, conducted Thursday, June 14th, can be viewed here.


An entry ticket has the buyer’s name, contact phone number, and the number from 1 – 52 they think contains the Ace of Spades.

150 tickets are sold for $5 each at two sales sites:

Giant Tiger: Wednesdays, from 12 – 4 PM

Giant Tiger: Saturdays, from 10 – 2 PM

See the weekly draw board of winners and numbers still available here!

There is one ticket drawn each week.  The ticket holder instantly wins 20% of the weekly sales total. If the number of the envelope they put on the ticket contains the Ace of Spades, they also win 30% of the weekly sales total.

If the envelope they guessed does not contain the Ace of Spades, the card inside is cut in half, and the envelope is removed from the board. The 30% of weekly sales then rolls into a jackpot. For each week that the Ace of Spades is not chosen, that week’s 30% of sales is added to the jackpot.

If an entry ticket has an envelope number that has already been drawn, then the lowest number still available on the board is chosen by default.

If 150 tickets are sold each week, the 20% instant prize is $150, the 30% “You caught the Ace” prize is $225 per week. After 26 weeks, then the total payout could grow to $9,750 if all 150 tickets are sold each week, and the Ace of Spades is not guessed before then.

See the theoretical prize money distribution here.

If the Ace of Spades is not “caught” in the first 26 weekly draws, then on week 26, then a “Must Go” draw occurs. That means, on week 26, the first ticket drawn gets 20% of the weekly sales. If it’s not the Ace of Spades, then another ticket is drawn. That ticket holder does not get 20% because it’s already given away. Tickets are drawn until the ticket holder guesses the number of the envelope that contains the Ace of Spades and they receive the 30% from week 26, PLUS the accumulated jackpot, which could be as high as $9,750.

See the full rules here.

Lions Club of Strathroy – Caradoc

“Men, Women and Families – Together We Serve!”

We received our Charter in December of 2009, and are a “new” club in our community.

Our members are a wonderful mix of men and women, youth and ‘experienced’, singles, and families. We share a core belief – that we will have fun together helping our community become its best. We help where help is needed and we are able. In short, We Serve.

Here are some of the things our club does:

  • Collect and recycle used eyeglasses;
  • Collect and recycle used hearing aids;
  • Do facility maintenance such as painting playground equipment at the skateboard park, painting the bridge across to Alexandra Park from Frank Street;
  • Organize an annual Tree of Light community social activity at the Town Hall, last Friday evening each November, with hot chocolate, choral singing, local choirs, Santa (?)
  • Purchased an Ophthalmology Chair in the emergency room at the Strathroy Middlesex General Hospital:
  • Installed racks to lock your bicycle to in the downtown core, wheelchair accessible picnic tables in local parks, 19 metal benches in the downtown core and at the hospital;
  • Installed Veterans memorial Way bronze plaques at renovated cenotaph;
  • Installing metal pole banners on utility poles along Frank and Metcalfe Streets to the cemetery;
  • Installed and monitor the growth of 3 ‘Vimy Oaks’ at the cemetery in memory of local veterans;
  • Conduct an annual “petvalu Walk for Dog Guides”;
  • Sponsored a vision-assist dog to a Lions Foundation Canada client in Aylmer;
  • Run a “Back-to-School” draw for gift cards redeemable at Giant Tiger stores;
  • Regular financial support to local Women’s Rural Resource Centre, V.O.N., Salvation Army;
  • Host students from other countries – Lions International Youth Exchange.

If you (or your friends or family members) would like to become involved in an upcoming projector join our Lions Club, you can review our Membership Brochure and then contact us in one of these three ways:

  1. Call Lion Gary at 519- 246-6280
  2. Email one of our Club Officers and request more information
  3. Attend one of our monthly membership meetings to learn more about our group (See Map/ Close Up links)

You can discover the latest events in Ontario District A-1 by clicking on this link: www.a1lions.ca