Here are images of the battalions’ emblems/crests/badges to which veterans on the Strathroy cenotaph were attached, to the best of our knowledge, at the time of their death or upon leaving the armed services. These are the actual plaques that appear on the Strathroy cenotaph.

All pole ‘banners will have the emblem on a black, powder-coated background to allow the colours of the graphics to be prominent.

1st Canadian Infantry Battalion: Wilson William Cuddy, Arthur Holderness, Frederick William Jay, John Nunn, William Oscar O’Dell, Frederick Wilfred Robinson


1st Depot Battalion (Western Ontario Regiment): Thomas Edgar Norman, Joseph Harold Payne

01 1st Depot Battalion

1st & 4th Companies Machine Gun Corps: Hughie Dewar, John Brown


2nd Canadian Infantry Battalion: George E. Wallace

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3rd Canadian Infantry Battalion: Robert Oscar Davis

3rd Battalion Canadian Railway Troops: George W. Urquhart

03 3rd Battaliion Canadian Railway Troops

4th Canadian Infantry Battalion: James Neil McGeary

4th & 5th Canadian Mounted Rifles: William Henry Gough, Alexander Stuart Newton, Ralph Newton, George Main (5th)

04b 4th Canadian.Mounted

4th & 8th Field Companies Canadian Military Engineers: James Wilson Mccauley, Storming McIntyre

Vac Shop

9th Canadian Infantry Battalion: Ross Dickenson Briscoe

14th Canadian Infantry Battalion (Montreal Regiment): Cyril Lowe

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15th Canadian Infantry Battalion – 48th Highlanders: Walter Treleaven Beer, James Warren Kellestine, Thomas Whyte Milliken, Asa John Patterson, Charles Perring

Encore Roofing

16th Canadian Infantry Battalion(Princess Mary’s Scottish): Arthur L. Lindsay


18th Canadian Infantry Battalion (Eastern Ontario): Reginald James Buchanan, Ernest Ivon Leaden, Edward T. Moore, Harold John Weise

19th Canadian Infantry Battalion: Ernest John Burtenshaw, Wilfred Vernon Sullivan

29th Canadian Infantry Battalion (B.C.): Andrew Gordon Small

47th Canadian Infantry Battalion (B.C.): Neil C. McLean, Charles Henry Smithrim

50th Canadian Infantry Battalion (Overseas B.C.): William Ernest Foxen (Military Cross)

54th Canadian Infantry Battalion (Kootenay): Henry Leonard Pembleton

54 54th CIB

58th Canadian Infantry Battalion (Prince Albert’s Own): Sydney Kemp

99th Canadian Infantry Battalion (Essex): Thomas Baird Welch

99 99th overseas battalion

Firefield Landscape

R.A.F. 101st Squadron: Wilfred H. Cooper

135th Middlesex Battalion & Overseas Regiment: William Frederick Adair, James Harvey Armstrong, William Samuel Cowan, Howard James

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Canadian Army Medical Corps: James Abbott

Canadian Expeditionary Force: R. Brown

Canadian Cyclist Battalion: Charles Reginald Bennett

Doug & Marion's Twenty - Two Auto Body

Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry: Arnold Oliver William Newbury

 Collins Barrow

Royal Naval Air Service: Edgar Zephaniah Sexton

Royal Canadian Dragoons: Eugene A. Reardon (aka Albert Simpkins)

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Volunteer Aid Detachment: Alice Netteleton

Volunteer Aid Detachment

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